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Depraved - Feature Film, Mystery Movie, Drama Flick, Full Length Movie, English Thriller Movie, Free Film, Independent Film.

Depraved (1996)
Country: USA
Runtime: 1h 19min
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Director: Rogelio Lobato
Writer: Rogelio Lobato
Stars: Anthony Guzman, Seidy Lopez, Barbara Niven

Movie Info:
In this erotic thriller, Ophelia (Seidy Lopez) and Dan (Antonio Garcia Guzman) are a couple who keep their relationship spicy with a wide variety of increasingly kinky s*x games. But as their private obsessions become more extreme, Dan begins to wonder if it's effecting his ability to deal with reality. His fears become much greater when Ophelia is found dead, and the cop investigating the case starts spending a lot of time with Dan.

Opella and Dave are engaged to be married, and spice up their s*x life by acting out complicated and increasingly kinky s*x games and fantasies. When he becomes upset and insists that they are going too far, she storms out of the house. The next morning, he finds her dead body in the jacuzzi. He calls his brother to help get rid of the corpse, but all does not go smoothly and the past soon comes back to haunt him. A female cop investigating the case starts spending a lot of time with Dan.

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